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  • Keeping a refrigerator in a cold garage

    Before you decide to put your old or new refrigerator in the garage, there are a couple things to consider.

    Certain conditions in the garage may affect the performance of the freezer in your refrigerator. To find the best refrigerator for your garage, will all depend on the temperature of your garage.

    For starters, if your garage is not insulated and susceptible to drastic temperature fluctuations during the change of seasons, the freezer section in the refrigerator may not function at all. Most refrigerators are designed to work at temperatures between 60-85° F, like in your home. In a garage not insulated, temperatures could drop or rise dramatically.

    During the summer months when temperatures are extremely hot (100°F or more) the refrigerator has to work very hard and run constantly to keep your food cold. This could shorten the lifespan of the refrigerator since the compressor and other components will continuously run to beat the heat.

    During extreme cold conditions, when temperatures are below 40°F or especially when they drop to 32°F (below freezing), the refrigerator may not run at all. This could lead to the freezer section thawing all your food.

    Most refrigerators have one thermostat in the refrigerator section. When the thermostat detects the temperature in the refrigerator is too warm, the thermostat will tell the cooling system to turn on and cool the refrigerator. Usually, this air is pulled from the freezer section.

    If the temperature in your garage is the same temperature in your refrigerator, the refrigerator will not need to tell the cooling system to turn on. Because the air that is cooling the refrigerator section is coming from the freezer section, and because the cooling system thinks the refrigerator is the correct temperature, the freezer will also not run.

    You may find many different ideas and tips to try to get your refrigerator to run in the winter but keep in mind that not all of the components in the refrigerator are capable of running in such extreme conditions. If you are looking for a refrigerator that can handle the weather, check out this refrigerator from Whirlpool: Gladiator Chillerator Garage Refrigerator.

  • Whirlpool® Flexible Freezer with Pizza Pocket

    Easily store frozen pizzas in your freezer with the freezer's Pizza Pocket. Now you can store pizza boxes upright without the hassle of trying to fit them on flat freezer shelves.

  • Whirlpool® Refrigerator MicroEdge™ Shelves

    Store more items on each shelf with the Whirlpool® 29 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator MicroEdge™ shelves. They not only give you 25% more usable shelf space compared to Whirlpool® french door models without MicroEdge™ shelves. They also help contain leaks. With more shelf space, your refrigerator will be ready for whatever you bring home from the grocery store.

  • Whirlpool® Refrigerator Triple Crisper System

    Increase your refrigerator's storage flexibility and keep a variety of items fresh with the Triple Crisper system. Two larger crispers with humidity controls are great for long items like celery stalks, while the center, smaller crisper keeps small items like apples safe and secure.

  • Whirlpool® Refrigerator Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry

    Easily store wide items like party platters or deli trays. Or keep meats and cheeses close at hand for easy access in the temperature-controlled full-width pantry.

  • Whirlpool® Four Door French Refrigerator with Tri-Freezer System

    Whirlpool’s four door French refrigerator features two upper sliding drawers and a spacious lower basket make organizing frozen food easy. Plus, easily customize freezer storage with the moveable freezer divider bin. Take back your freezer space and organization you need to store bulk food purchases.

  • Whirlpool® Refrigerator AccuFresh™ Dual Cooling System

    Help keep crystals off your ice cream and fruits and vegetables stay fresher with the AccuFresh™ dual cooling system. It keeps food tasting great with higher humidity levels and improved food preservation.

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