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Propane Refrigerator Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Chart

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  • Reasons Behind Frost Build up and Sweating


    Absorption fridges act differently than compressor type fridges

    Frost on the cooling fins is quite normal and build up will occur. Once it’s full of ice it will impede performance (acting like an insulator). When this occurs, you should defrost.

    On 110V/Compressor type fridge’s, there is a heating element in between the fridge and the freezer to help keep it frost free (see image). The units also have fans to move the air around so it does not get trapped in areas like you see happening in your freezer.

    Try to keep your fridge at 3.3° C/38° F. Rapid buildup of ice on the fins occurs when there is a large temperature difference between the interior of the fridge and the room temperature inside the building. To reduce this, minimize the amount of opening and closing of the fridge door if possible. The amount of warm product that’s placed inside the fridge at one time will also impact the buildup of ice on the fins.


    Sweating and moisture can also develop between the fridge and freezer door. The area between the freezer and the fridge will become as cold as the freezer area. There is no insulation within this area, only a sealed cavity. In an absorption system, the cooling coils travel from the freezer into the fridge area continuously. This creates an environment for cabinet sweating between the freezer and fridge. During higher ambient and humid conditions, moisture can occur more frequently due to temperature differences in this area.

    We hope this helps explains the reasoning behind these issues. All of our fridges will do this to some extent, some more than others


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